About the campaign

Edmontonians are looking for more end-of-life options for themselves and their loved ones.

Fortunately, a specialized model of care already exists: the residential community hospice. Found internationally, across Canada and in a number of Alberta communities, this option offers exceptional, cost-effective, community-based end-of-life care in a beautiful, relaxed, home-like setting.

It is time for Edmontonians to have this option.

Campaign Goal Breakdown


Approximately 30,000 sq ft the three level building includes hospice residence, community programs, administrative and community leadership. Cost of $301/sq ft includes all architectural, engineering, etc.


All furnishings for hospice suites, palliative care, community programming, administrative offices


We will continue to serve the community operating existing programs during construction





Message from the Cornerstone Patron

After a careful look at Pilgrims Hospice Society and their plans to build a residential community hospice centre in Edmonton, I knew it fit within our philanthropic plans.

Compassion for the final journey and support for families is at the core of what Pilgrims Hospice Society does. It is this purpose that my family and I whole heartedly support.

I have great confidence in Pilgrims Hospice Society, our philanthropic community, and elected representatives to seize the opportunity that A Home for Hospice presents: a better-than-home residential hospice to meet the growing need for specialized end-of-life care in our community.

I am pleased to pledge $3 million in support of this important initiative.

I hope you will join my family in support of this unique legacy opportunity to provide our friends and neighbours in Edmonton with the kind of home we all want for our end-of-life journey.

The time is now.

~ Harold A. Roozen


Message from the Board Chair

The goal for Home for Hospice campaign is a collaborative community investment of $15 million. This is a big investment, with a big return for the community.

In addition to $11 million to build and furnish this very special place, our goal includes an Operational Sustainability Fund. We chose to include this in our campaign goal as we do not, at this time, have a commitment of operational funding support from provincial health authorities.

With the growing demand for end-of-life care options, the need for integrated family support, and appreciation of the potential of community partnerships to alleviate system pressures and enhance our capacity, we are confident such a partnership will come.

We also recognize there are times when the community needs to lead the way when something is critically important. This is one of those times.

~ Garnet Clark, Chair, Board of Directors, Pilgrims Hospice Society


Message from the Executive Director

The hospice environment is like no other, infused with warmth and compassion.

Specialized staff and volunteers provide exceptional care for those most vulnerable in the community –helping those facing the end-of-life live well, until the very end.

Visit any residential hospice and you’ll likely find the comfort of a warm bowl of soup, freshly baked treats, a cup of coffee or a mug of tea. Moments are treasured and precious memories are made.

When death occurs, dignity is present. The person and their loved ones are honoured.

Now is the time to come together, as a community of compassion, to work with our healthcare partners to reduce system pressures, increase efficiencies with viable new options and ensure we care for the living and dying in the most optimal settings possible.

~ Monica Robson, Executive Director, Pilgrims Hospice Society

Message from the Campaign Cabinet Chair

It’s my honour and privilege to lead a team of dedicated community builders as they make a difference in our community. I do this in my mother’s memory. I was on the phone with my mother when she died. She died alone. Because of this, the hospice philosophy of care resonates with me personally, as I know it does with many others.

This Residential Community Hospice Centre gives us the incredible legacy opportunity to elevate end-of-life care in Edmonton to a level that honours our standard of living and aligns with the needs of Albertans.

At the 2018 Pilgrims Hospice Gala, we “quietly” launched our campaign amongst a sold out crowd of 350 supporters, all of whom recognized the leadership gift of $3 million dollars from the Harold A. Roozen family with a lengthy standing ovation. This remarkable gift is the cornerstone upon which we invite you to build A Home for Hospice.

~ Richard Wong, A Home for Hospice Campaign Cabinet Chair

The Home for Hospice Campaign Cabinet:

Beth Allard-Clough, Heidi & Grant Fedoruk, Dr. Louis Francescutti, Bruce Kirkland, Patrick La Forge,  Drew Schamehorn, Richard Wong

Garnet Clark (Board Chair), Monica Robson (Exec. Director), Shelaine Sparrow (Campaign Manager)

Advisors: Tim Spelliscy (Advisor), Doug Goss (Advisor)