Construction set to get underway

“Your presence here to celebrate the construction start of Edmonton’s first stand-alone residential community hospice says a lot about our community and how important this project is,”

Richard Wong, volunteer chair of the Home for Hospice campaign cabinet, opened the Building Commencement event this morning, August 12, 2019 on the construction site of what will be the Roozen Family Hospice Centre.

Carole Anctil-Michalyshyn, Marion Boyd, Harold Roozen, Nick Trovato, Rick Arndt, Garnet Clark, Monica Robson, Richard Wong, Shelaine Sparrow


Wong was among a number of speakers including Board Chair, Garnet Clark, Vice-Chair and Chair of the Building Committee, Nick Trovato, cofounder Marion Boyd, Executive Director Monica Robson and Cabinet volunteer and donor Beth Allard-Clough.

Terri Kezema and Greg Yanda

Client families were represented by Terri Kezema- who’s late father, Dave Williams, was a client of Pilgrims Hospice- and Greg Yanda, who sought out specialized grief support for himself and young daughter years ago and have remained deeply grateful for the help “on their journey out of darkness and back to light.”

Cornerstone Patron Harold Roozen was among the guests in attendance along with numerous volunteers, community members, care colleagues, construction partners, staff and supporters.

We are so pleased with the thoughtful design that has developed, ” said Trovato, “the result is a place that will raise the standard of what we expect in terms of how end-of-life can be supported and experienced.

Construction of the Roozen Family Hospice Centre starts tomorrow with the aim of opening at the end of 2020 with the entirety of the campaign’s $15 million goal raised. As of today the organization has raised 65%, with $5.2 million remaining.

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